‘Something’ by The Manboys: Episode 4 – King Edward

After an 18 hour drive, and a solid push into the backcountry, find out what the Boys are up to this week.



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From the Manboys: The long road north takes us north. Thankfully the King Edward is there to host us. 18 hour road trip, lots of laughs, big jumps and some great memories made in the backcountry. For those that might be concerned about the ending I will happily say that Jody is all good and is fired up and ready to go for this winter. Featuring: Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Jody Wachniak, Eric Jackson

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The first official episode of ‘Something’ with The Manboys. Now in its fourth season, the Manboys are laying down the same classic Whistler backcountry ripping we’ve come to expect from our favourite shred crew. Featuring: Eric Jackson, Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Jody Wachniak and John Jackson…. Watch video