New Coast Mountains Issue Available Now

Here we go, the first Coast Mountains issue of the winter. No theme for this one, it’s just 146 pages of high-flying good times that kick in with a spread eagle crotch grab and a double disc soundtrack by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Hello winter, come on in, we’re partying…


A season of never ending snowfalls built up Mt Baker’s Rockstar cornice in fine fashion. Once assessing it was safe, Adam Ü committed to sending and stomping it – in tele boots no less. KEVIN T MCHUGH.


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The November issue is always fun because this time of year the anticipation is thick enough to spread on your morning toast. And The Magnetic Movie is the icing on your pop tarts. Shot in-resort at Whistler Blackcomb and featuring all your favourite locals absolutely ripping the home turf advantage, if this one doesn’t get your pow glands salivating, not much will.  The movie drops November 7 online but we have a sample shot to keep that palate stoked.
words :: Vince Shuley           photography :: Paul Morrison, Blake Jorgenson, John Entwistle



Why not get a jump on the season with an early November hike to the snowline? First turns of the year, I heard it’s puking up there…
words :: Bianca Adolf            illustration :: Dave Barnes



Skier Rory Bushfield explains how to land a plane in powder, why ski hills rule, how Sarah inspired #blowitifyougotit, how Dex knows where The Edge is, and why he has a portrait of Danny Trejo/Machete on the hood of his truck.
words :: Feet Banks               photography :: Mason Mashon, Jean Marie Urlacher, Blake Jorgenson



Artist Shawn Hunt integrates traditional First Nations style into modern and pop culture references.
words :: Todd Lawson



Snowboarder Rafael Pease is known for his overly ambitious ideas. This time it was a semi-planned trip deep into the mountains and culture of Krygystan filming for his Connections project. Welcome to the land of the “40 Tribes” and some really big, powdery spines.
words & photography :: Jesse Levine




We miss you Chris Prior.



Plus: The iconic Ace MacKay-Smith interviews Mountain Lifer Jorge Alvarez, why oysters might be vegan, 100 years of the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club, the coolest backcountry huts, the “Skier of the Impossible”, and the return of 2012 Adventurer of the Year and Multiplicity showstopper John Turk.