Rest in Powder, Chris Prior

It is with great sadness we announce today the passing of a legend. Chris Prior was one of the very first supporters of Mountain Life. Like the passion he exemplified for his own business, Chris believed in Mountain Life and what it stood for. He wanted people to stay true to the 20 cm rule. He wanted skiers and riders to head up high and ride with soul and a smile, no matter what boards were under their feet. He always supported our events and our business with his presence in every single one of our back covers in every winter issue since our inception in 2006. Chris was mountain life in a nutshell, and he’ll be greatly missed by us and all of our readers. Rest In Powder, Chris Prior. Thank you for being such a pillar in our community. We’ll continue to rip up the pow in your honour forever. —Todd Lawson, Mountain Life Publisher



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“Whereby it was that twinkle in his blue eyes, during many spontaneous meetings in the Khyber’s white room or that uber happy hour beer on that corner stool at Dusty’s typically following such meetings, Chris will be missed as a friend and an ambassador to the ski, snowboard and surfing/windsurfing community, as well as [for his] exemplary dedication in embracing and preserving local small business. [He was] a supporter, a channeller and a true lover de la glisse—one of those few rare souls that would put all of his energy and passion wholeheartedly into everything that he truly loved. So, cheers to you, Chris Prior, here’s to infinite and heavenly glassy surf and powder runs.” — Yves Wenger, Friend, Fellow Wind-lover and Function Junction Neighbour



“Whistler has lost what I consider a founding father. I’m so sad to hear the news this morning. He was passionate from Day 1, and a pioneer in a sport that was always up against him. He was an innovator, a creator, and a man that was always up for a beer, a story, and an adventure. Chris Prior, you helped me shape my dreams, pushing the limits on ski design, which today is the norm, and worked with me to create the best skis I’ve ever skied on. Thank you for giving me a chance to push skis out of a snowboard factory, and into a market that was radically changing in shape, design, and trends. You listened to what the athletes wanted, when the big companies didn’t. You always gave me so much, you will never understand. You will always be in my heart, under my feet, and on your surfboard. I love you buddy. RIP.” —Ryan McKeeman, Prior Athlete & Friend



Mountain Life recently reached out to Chris to get his Top 5 Things to do in Whistler. Here was his first response.

“Breathe. This is the least expensive thing you can do in Whistler, but it’s one of the most important. As soon as you get here, even before you are totally settled in, take a moment, stop everything, and just breathe in that fresh, crisp mountain air for a few moments. These mountains are special; get them inside of you.” —Chris Prior