Patagonia Ramps Up ‘Worn Wear Trade-in” Program

Patagonia continues to walk its talk of creating sustainable goods and business practices. After a recent campaign promoting its impressive Reno repair facility (to keep its gear in use and out of landfills), the Ventura-based brand has gone one step further by taking its Worn Wear Trade-in program online.

Customers with Patagonia gear they’re no longer using can bring it in to a Patagonia store and exchange it for Worn Wear credit to buy something new at Patagonia retail stores and, or buy used on Patagonia will clean up the old gear and pass it on, so it stays in use and out of the landfill.


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From press release: Patagonia’s Worn Wear online store is a place where customers can buy previously-owned Patagonia gear at a lower price point, giving it a second life. With products sourced directly from Patagonia customers in exchange for merchandise credit, the Worn Wear online store aims to provide simple new ways to extend the life of high-quality gear while also proving that investing in the circular economy makes good business sense.



The need for businesses to step up and address the effects of climate change has never been greater. The global apparel market is worth $3 trillion, but unfortunately the low cost of manufacturing and the relentless drive for profits above all else has driven many companies to offer cheap, throwaway clothing rather than build high-quality gear built to last. Worn Wear seeks to help reverse this trend by highlighting the value of investing in high-quality products, providing the tools required for long-term ownership and by providing a platform for resale of used goods. Patagonia is proud to lead a growing number of organizations committed to furthering the circular economy business model.