First Steps Off the Ground: Slackline Industries Play Line

Want to introduce youngsters to a new and healthy outdoor activity they will love? And will occupy them for hours at a time? How about one that improves balance skills, core strength, and coordination? The Slackline Industries 15-metre Play Line is for kids or beginners learning to take first steps off the ground.


First steps. Photo by Marilyn Potter.


The Play Line is 50mm wide, has a rubberized texture for grip, and includes a separate help line to allow you to hang on. Kit includes tree protection, ratchet with safety lock, 2.4m of webbing and a reinforced anchor/tension loop.

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All new kits from Slackline Industries come with Zero Waste packaging – an eco-friendly, reuseable mesh bag rather than a disposable cardboard box – and for each slackline sold, Trees for the Future will plant a tree to help build sustainable communities around the world. Each Zero Waste slackline kit includes tree protection to ensure bark is not damaged when using trees as slackline anchors.


Photo courtesy Slackline Industries.

-Two-piece slackline is fully adjustable and easily installed between trees or other sturdy anchor points.
-Improve balance skills, core strength, and coordination while having fun.
-Kit includes slackline, ratchet tensioner, tree protection, help line and carry bag.
-The easy-to-use ratchet comes with 8 feet of webbing and a reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the slackline. The handle grip is a soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning and the ratchet release is also rubberized for easy and safe release of the tension on the line.
-The included help line with arm position trainer mounts above the slackline. Another piece of webbing acts as an arm position guide to assist with balance and form.
-Custom-designed beginner webbing with rubber grip is optimized for quick and easy learning.