Canada 150: An Eastern Canada National Parks Tour — Stop 2. Fundy

Mountain Life founder Glen Harris is getting back behind the camera where it all began. In celebration of Canada’s 150th he and his clan just left on a on three-month Eastern Canada National Parks tour.

This week they explored Fundy National Park, near Saint John, NB. Keep a lookout for our photo essay series in the coming months. For daily updates you can follow Glen on Insta @glenedwardharris


Beach combing Herring Cove with Fundy’s cascading fog as a backdrop.

Molly Kool, North America’s first female sea captain in 1939, lived just seconds outside of the incredible Fundy National Park. Not only was she Kool with a capital K, but she also picked the right spot to live.

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Where else can you walk on the ocean floor, descend on endless singletrack bike trails, catch live music, explore covered bridges and paddle through cascading fog, all in one day—or maybe two?


Who knew Fundy national Parks has over 150 km of single-track including this joyous never ending downhill?

Located just an hour and a half away from Saint John, NB, Fundy National Park provides.

Were we happy to discover it’s New Brunswick’s largest park and includes over 150 km of designated singletrack mountain biking. Some national parks like Pukaskwa are not big fans of sharing the trails, but Fundy embraces bike culture. Check out the 12k car drop “WhiteTail” or if you’re up for it, ride from the bottom up. It’s built well you can ride up the whole way without getting punched.


Water lilies hide the largest tadpoles ever at Fundy’s Bennett Lake.

The campsites feel like an urban park of sorts, providing full-bars wireless throughout whether you like it or not (we never told our kids); plus washing stations, hot showers and laundry. There is a variety of camping accommodation from yurts , oTENTiks, camping with a fire, or camping with no fire, to a park hotel.


Stretching it out on the Bay of Fundy with Minster of the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna

The Village of Alma is literally 10 seconds outside the park and is equipped with tour outfitters such as Fresh Air Adventures, seafood restaurants, ice cream, and camp supplies, including a small selection of beer and wine.


Upper Salmon River Estuary exploring with Signy Teague and her boy. Thanks to the crew at Fresh Air Adventures. Also, thanks to Sally for doing her thing at Fundy National Park.

Fresh Air Adventures is located in the only heritage home in Alma that wasn’t blown away by Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and they offer a variety of trips depending on skill level and weather.


The looming tide before it rises 20 feet above my head.

Waterfall hikes, estuaries, the highest tides in the world, miles of tidal sea floor, dark-tannin lakes full with giant tadpoles, theatre, zip lines, saltwater pool—Fundy has it all. Day of golf? They have that too.

It’s the type of park you could explore all summer, no problem.


Amanda’s Fresh Air Adventure Guide playing in her home estuary.


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