Storytelling and High-Tech Art To Transform Vancouver Bridge For Salmon Conservation

A new cinematic experience is coming to Vancouver this June, juxtaposing the city’s urban landscape with the wonders of the great Pacific salmon migration. The brainchild of acclaimed Vancouver director Nettie Wild, UNINTERRUPTED is a free half-hour spectacle of projected digital imagery described as a “blend of cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation”  that will transform Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge five nights a week until September.


Nicolas Teichrob photo.

From Press Release:

An urban bridge. A wild river. A timeless cycle of nature. UNINTERRUPTED is the cinematic spectacle that unites them all. This summer, UNINTERRUPTED will transform Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge. As the light dims each evening, spectators will be immersed in the extraordinary journey of migrating Pacific salmon unfolding around them on the undersurface of the kilometer-long bridge. A blend of cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation, this unique event brings the heart of a BC river right into the heart of the city through a half-hour spectacle of projected digital imagery. Viewing is from Coopers’ Park at the north end of the bridge for audiences of approximately 800 people.

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As Canada celebrates150 years, UNINTERRUPTED will allow us to witness a wonder that has been repeated uninterrupted in BC waters for millennia, reminding us all of nature’s beauty, resilience, and vulnerability. The companion website, will extend the experience; connecting site visitors with stories of people working to restore salmon habitat, places to see salmon in the wild, and ways to get involved.


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More than three years in the making UNINTERRUPTED was originally inspired by a visit that acclaimed Vancouver director Nettie Wild made to the Adams River during a peak salmon run. The experience of standing on the riverbank witnessing the migration with thousands of visitors from around the world, sparked her imagination – and UNINTERRUPTED.


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• Public launch June 28th
• Viewing at the north-end of the bridge, Coopers’ Park/Marinaside Crescent
• Runs Tuesday – Saturday (except during Celebration of Light fireworks)
• Show starts at 10:00 pm (best to arrive before 9:45 pm)
• Projection event lasts 25 minutes, with original score (no narration)
• Show moves to 9:00 pm on August 15th
• Accessibility viewing area
• Standing audience capacity of 800
• It’s free and family friendly


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