‘Sled Dogs’ Goes Behind the Scenes of the Dog Sledding Industry

Year after year, thousands of tourists flock to experience one of the most quintessentially northern pastimes: dog sledding.

The idyllic portrait of racing through white mountain passes has been promoted by both the tourism industry and the dog sledding world for decades in an attempt to maximize profits while concealing a sometimes gruesome reality.

In the documentary Sled Dogs, director Fern Levitt set out to uncover the cold truth about man’s best friend and what the tourists don’t see in the dog sledding industry, including the Whistler dog sled cull following the 2010 Olympics. .


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The film, which just wrapped a theatrical premiere tour and aired on CBC’s Documentary Channel May 28, recently won the Whistler Film Festival 2016 World Documentary Award and the Best Documentary Director Award from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.