Red Paddle Co 10’8” Activ

The research keeps piling up: close proximity to bodies of water makes us happier. People have always flocked to the water to find space to chill and decompress. Early on in the development of the paddleboard industry, Red Paddle Co discovered people were using their inflatable SUPs for yoga, pilates and stretching. So Red created a board specifically for these water-based serenity seekers.


Photo courtesy Red Paddle Co.


The latest version is the 10’8” Activ, a newly designed adaptation of the 10’8” Ride. That means it’s made using Red’s proprietary Tec Air process, which makes it very rigid, and it’s also plenty wide and stable for yoga poses.

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MSL fusion composite and airtight coating adds a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand-gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.

The final touch is the EVA deck, which turns it into a full-on yoga pad. All that said, it’s not just a floating platform – it glides beautifully over water.

For 2017, Red has added a special screw thread to all their boards that is compatible with Ram Mounts, enabling you to securely attach a range of accessories, from GPS devices and cameras to fishing rods and cup holders.

Demo and buy the 10’8″ Activ and other boards in Ontario at Blue Surf.