Everest Claims Four More Climbers

Sherpa rescuers have found the bodies of four climbers inside a tent on the highest camp on Mount Everest, according to reports from the Associated Press.

The bodies were found by a team of rescuers who were there to recover the body of a Slovak mountaineer who died over the weekend said the report.

The identities of the dead climbers in the tent were still unknown and other rescuers were heading there to learn more details.


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The bodies were at located at 26,247 feet on the South Col, the last camp before climbers make their summit attempt. Any recovery attempt would require many Sherpas, who would have to bring the bodies down to Camp 2, from where they can be winched by helicopter.

Six climbers have already died this year attempting to reach the 29,035-foot summit of the world’s highest mountain.

The climbing season begins in March and runs through the end of May to take advantage of the best weather conditions in the harsh environment on Everest. With 10 fatalities, this season has exceeded what mountaineering officials say is a typical toll of six.