13 Ways To Spice Up Your Disaster Preparedness Kit (You Do Have One, Right?)

In Canada, the easiest way to get a 72-hour Disaster Preparedness Kit is through the Red Cross. And anyone who doesn’t have a kit like this with at least four litres of drinking water stored and ready to go is seriously flirting with, well, disaster.


Words: Feet Banks

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From flood to earthquake to zombie apocalypse a Red Cross Disaster Kit is double salvation—on the one hand, it’s full of tools, trinkets and first-aid supplies that will save your life. But also, when things do go sour the Red Cross will probably be the first organization on-site pulling your ass out of the mud and rubble – best to send them your money now.

For true apocalypse believers however, the Disaster Preparedness Kit is just the start. Ideally you also have backpacks full of winter camping supplies and weapons sitting ready, one for each family member. When the end of the world arrives, the ability to leave at a moment’s notice could be the difference between surviving or not.

Of course, why simply “survive” when, with a few alterations, you can “live it up”? On top of the standard Preparedness Kits, Mountain Life recommends the following additions for anyone looking to milk a bit of humour and good times out of the End of Days.

Tetra-pack of Wine – Nothing like a fine Cab Sauv to wash away those earthquake blues.

Freeze-dried Dinner – This will be gone the first night but you may as well ease into survival with a warm, hearty bag of Mexican rice.

Cordellette/Rope – good for drying socks over a fire or stove.

Playing Cards – Fight boredom while building morale, play strip poker.

Chewing Gum – Just because the world’s gone to crap, doesn’t mean your breath has to.

Fishing hooks/Lures – Fish are probably the easiest animal to catch.

Spam/Alpha-Getti – Better than seagull.

Playboy Magazine – Good for trading (people love the articles).

Caesar Mix Powder + Vodka – You survived! Let’s celebrate.

Tie Straps – The usefulness-to-weight ratio of these things is incredible.

Medical Marijuana – Pain relief, distraction, and a good way to make friends.

Boy Scouts Handbook – Because who really remembers all those handy knots they learned as a kid?

Toilet Paper – You’ll thank us (for a week or so).