‘Wild Owyhee’ Film To Raise Awareness For At-Risk Oregon Canyonlands

In the heart of the West lives a vast, untouched and priceless gem. The Owyhee. A wild place where those who visit leave with something more than they arrived with, whether a connection to a simpler time, youthful memories reignited, or a source of hope and strength. It has been here as long as time, raw and perfect, but its uncertain future now lies in our hands.

Shut down on his first trip, Graham Zimmerman returns to the Owyhee to explore vast landscapes, dubious rock quality, and the need to permanently protect and preserve this fragile environment for generations to come.



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From press release:

Ibex Outdoor Clothing, KEEN and Osprey Packs are pleased to announce the release of their film, Wild Owyhee.

Ninety-five percent of Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands lack any form of permanent protection. These threats include industrial oil and gas development, limited access resulting from mining, pollution to wildlife habitats and rivers as well as the desecration of sacred Native American sites. While the Obama administration considered the Owyhee for a national monument, the Owyhee proposal seeks Wilderness or National Conservation designation by Congress to protect 2.5 million acres in Southeast Oregon for generations to come.

Today, the three companies release the first short film that follows professional climber Graham Zimmerman on a climbing adventure into the Owyhee Canyonlands. Check it out to find out why this public land deserves our awareness.

The full film, to be released June 1st, follows eight outdoor enthusiasts enjoying their respective passions as they hike, climb, camp, trail run, fly fish, hunt, horseback ride and explore the myriad of adventures on tap in the Owyhee.

For more videos, and to learn how you can protect the Owyhee, check out this link: http://shop.ibex.com/conservation/owyhee.