Must Watch: Blake Jorgenson’s ‘The Alchemists’

After a decade-plus on top of the game, photographer Blake Jorgenson admits that lately he’s spending a lot more time trying to downshift and relax. Last October, he travelled to Utah (without a mountain bike) and shot his first narrative movie, a hard-riding, gunslinging Western directed by friend/artist Chili Thom.

A week later, he premiered a passion project at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The Alchemists follows Blake on an introspective dirt bike ride into the mountains behind Bralorne, BC, a nearly abandoned mining town where time itself even seems to slow down and take an extra minute to enjoy the scenery.


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“It might be the first, purely personal project I have ever done,” says Jorgenson. “The past few years, every time I’ve taken a photo, it’s been on a job or for someone else. This came from me wanting to create something with no commercial value or purpose. Something that was just for the hell of it, a piece of art. And for some reason I decided to do a video.”

The cool thing about video is that you can create a concept, build it, and display it to the world,” he continues. “It’s really easy to show people the full scope of your idea and what you’ve made.”


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By his own admission, Blake Jorgenson – one of the most prolific and celebrated outdoor photographers in the world – can be a bit of a slug. “When I’m in loner mode and by myself, I am barely in first gear,” he explains. “And my friends all make fun of me… ” Like the time he lost a snowmobile off the back of his truck somewhere between Whistler and Bralorne … and didn’t notice until he reached his destination… Read more