The Full Story Behind ‘The Eagle Huntress’ Photograph

Recently, renowned freelance photographer Asher Svidensky put a call out to his social media following to choose its favourite of his images. What ensued was an outpouring of votes for “The Eagle Huntress”. Svidensky quickly went to work creating a video detailing the process of how the image came to be.



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“On the way back from the mountains, however, it felt like something was missing. I felt like all the photos I’d taken over the last few days were a mere reflection of previous photos and stories, distinguished only by differentiation of place and lighting. It wasn’t enough for me. I knew I had to find another way and tell a new story that was not yet told in the snowy Mongolian mountains. I tried coming up with new ways of photographing the eagle hunters. Should I use different lenses? Ask them to perform tasks other than hunting? How could I tell a more interesting story than the usual ‘Even today, there are eagle hunters in Mongolia?” —Asher Svidensy



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