In the Bag: Coast Mountain Guides’ Guillaume Otis


As owner and lead guide of Coast Mountain Guides, Helly Hansen ambassador Guillaume Otis can usually be found anchored to a granite face, carefully analyzing a snow stability compression test or carving epic powder lines. Inspired by the outdoors and driven by nature he relocated from Quebec to the West Coast in his late teens and followed his dream to become a guide.

We recently asked Guillame what he packs in his backcountry bag.

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“I’ve been asked many time that question and the answer is often, ‘it’s depends.’ I would add or remove certain items depending on the weather forecast and type of objectives,” he says. “My golden rule is always bring enough to survive in the wilderness for 24 hours.”

Here is a typical sample of what Guillaume hauls into the backcountry:



1. Ski helmet and goggles
2. Spare gloves
3. Down or synthetic insulation jacket
4. Ski mountaineering ice axe
5. Ski crampons (for hard pack and spring conditions)
6. Bush saw
7. Probe
8. Shovel
9. Headlamp
10. 10m of 3mm cord (for ETC and cutting cornices)
11. Ruler (for measuring how deep are the weak layers)
12. Magnifying loop (to look at the snow crystals)
13. Field book (to record weather and avalanche observations)
14. Garbage bag (very useful in many ways)
15. Compass
16. Topo map
17. Cliff bar
18. Can of tuna
19. Electrolytes
20. Shot Bloks

“My golden rule is always bring enough to survive in the wilderness for 24 hours.”

21. Trail mix with gummy bears
22. Climbing skins
23. Stove and pot with soup mix
24. Radio
25. Half-litre water bottle
26. Transceiver
27. First aid kit with SAM splint
28. Guide tarp (10feet by 12feet)
29. Cliff rescue (10-15m of 7mm cordelette, 2 locking ‘biner, 1 double shoulder sling, 1 triple shoulder sling)
30. Spare socks
31. Sun hat
32. Neck warmer
33. Rescue toboggan tubes (to be use with injured person’s skis)
34. Emergency blanket
35. Fire starter (old mountain bike tube section, it burns like oil…)
36. TP with lighter
37. Repair kit (tuck tape, zap straps, screw driver, etc…)
38. Sunglasses
39. SPOT Connect emergency beacon
40. Altimeter watch and GPS
41. Red Racer IPA



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