Stake your Frame with Pakpod Tripod

Incredibly handy and flexible, the Pakpod is compact, durable and feels at-home in the bush filming in awkward craggy spots, and underwater to boot. It stakes into pretty much any terrain on earth. Its design is GoPro-, DSLR- and phone-friendly, and lends itself well to extended trips where you need to pack light.



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Whether you’re hiking, skiing, snorkeling, or kayaking, Pakpod was crafted to make the your impossible angle possible. And not to be limited to action sports applications, the multiple mounting points mean you can create an impromptu documentary interview-style setup in seconds.



-Packs ultra-light and compact
-Stakes into turf, sand and snow
-All three legs lockable with a single twist
-Dive-ready for underwater missions
-Multiple mounting points
-Freezeproof for winter mountain and backcountry missions. More details here.