Squire John’s OG Throwdown Contest Goes Old School

Squire John’s Collingwood recently kicked off its OG Throwdown contest, and the potential for hot dog hilarity is, like, totally mint.



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From Squire John’s:
Throwdown (verb): “To make something happen in a big way. To perform well, brilliantly, with virtuosity.”

Squire John’s Collingwood, in partnership with Rossignol, LINE, Full Tilt, Volkl and Burton have launched a ski and snowboard contest called the ‘OG Throwdown’. The contest will run from Saturday, January 14, 2017 – Sunday February 12, 2017 and is open to residents of Southern Ontario.


Squire John’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squirejohns/?hl=en

Contestants are encouraged to share images and video of themselves performing old school tricks on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #ogthrowdown and #squirejohns.



“All ages and ability levels are welcome” says Social Media Manager Michelle Ward, “No trick is too big or too small and fingers crossed we see some Ski Ballet! We hope that riders have fun with this and join us in celebrating the energy and excitement of what were the early days of free skiing and snowboarding.”



With names like Daffy, The Cossack, Roast Beef and The Helicopter the contest hashtags should be very fun to watch over the next month.

For complete rules and details please visit: http://www.squirejohns.com/promotions.cfm


More Details:

Contestants share current images and video of old school tricks. All ages and ability levels welcome. We hope everyone has fun with this contest – retro clothing and accessories are also welcome. We would also love to see some ‘back in the day’ images if people have them to share! Moves we would love to see (but not limited to): Helicopter, Daffy, Alley Oop, Rocket Air, Method, Spread, Stiffy, Twister, Roast Beef and the list goes on. For inspiration contestants can check out YouTube using keywords: old school ski tricks, ski ballet, old school snowboard tricks. We will also be sharing some videos & information as the contest runs on our social channels that will provide inspiration. There is no trick too big or small, our goal is to get as many people participating as possible. Active social media channels for consideration are Facebook & Instagram. If entrant is not of the age to have a Facebook or Instagram account (under age 13) parents may post on their behalf using their accounts.

All entries must use these two hashtags: #ogthrowdown #squirejohns


5 Grand prizes: one pair Rossignol skis, one pair LINE skis, one pair Volkl skis, one pair Full Tilt boots & one Burton Snowboard Deck. All grand prizes do not include bindings. These 5 grand prize winners will be announced on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 8 PM. All entries will be considered and judged by a selected group of suppliers and Squire John’s staff. Judging based on creativity, trick execution (based on rider age/skill level) & enthusiasm.

Secondary prizes:

A selection of 20 branded items from our sponsors will be given out each week (5 per week). These draw prizes will be picked at random from all the current contest entries. These winners will be announced on Sunday Jan 22/29, Feb 5/12 at 8 pm!