Pelican MARINE iPhone Case

Pelican MARINE iPhone Case for iPhone 6s or 7

Best known for their rugged waterproof camera cases, Pelican’s iPhone cases have followed suit by offering the same durability and waterproofing buoyed by beautiful, simple design.

Right out of the box, putting it together is easy peasy— you simply snap the two sides together, effectively clamping the o-ring together and rendering the case waterproof to over 6 feet. Great for snorkeling and filming spawning salmon in a shallow river. Aside from submerging the case to capture photos and vid, the Pelican Marine case also shields your smartphone from the elements: water, snow, dirt, and dust. The sleek five-layer shell protects your smartphone and its screen from scratches, impacts and drops.


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— very user-friendly right out of the box
— for a waterproof case the profile is slim and fits in your pocket nicely
— simple, good-looking design
— as with other Pelican products, this little case is very rugged and durable
— fully waterproof

— We only found one, but it was a big one. Because it’s fully waterproof, the microphone becomes jeopardized, and that makes it hard for people to understand what you’re saying all the time. “You’re breaking up,”  or “I can’t hear you,” we heard on several occasions during phone calls. It did get a bit frustrating to be honest.



Specs from Pelican’s website:
Waterproof – IP68 protection for complete and continuous submersion under water
Tested to Military Specifications to survive multiple drops
Constructed of impact absorbing materials (elastomer inside a rigid polycarbonate shell)
Scratch resistant coated screen protector
Slim design with soft-touch over-mold is easy to hold and won’t slide off surfaces.