‘A Line in The Snow: Greenland’ is a Must-See Ski Touring Documentary

On one of the wildest coastlines on Earth, a group of four skiers plan to climb and ski new routes. Setting out from a small Inuit village, and with very little recorded information available, they hope a new piece of mapping technology can help them commit to ski down faces they haven’t seen. Featuring glorious footage of this rarely visited region, this documentary will give viewers a glimpse into the stunning, endless mountain ranges of East Greenland.


The Epic Journey to


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They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. But in The North Face and Sherpas Cinema’s Mica to Greenland, the destination came first: Greenland’s Rytterknaegten. Lucas DeBari, a Mount Baker snowboard competition scenester turned mountaineer, saw a tiny, pixelated photo from Jim Zellers’ trip to Greenland and knew he had to check it out in person… Read more and watch the video