VIMFF Announces Adventure Grant Programs



The Vancouver International Film Festival has partnered with outdoor leaders MEC and Arc’teryx to present two grants, the VIMFF Adventure Film Grant presented by Arc’teryx and the MEC Adventure Grant presented by VIMFF.

The Adventure Film Grant is intended to support emerging filmmakers specializing in mountain film, while the MEC Adventure Grant aims to to enable local explorers and adventurers to undertake their dream expeditions.

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In a press release the VIMFF stated: “Our aim is to support the development of Canadian adventure filmmakers, promote self-propelled wilderness adventures and bring the resulting story to the VIMFF screen for our community to enjoy.”

The MEC Adventure Grant will award funds to local teams (available to BC and Alberta residents only) who have exploratory and human powered objectives in adventurous arenas.

“Our aim is to support Canadian adventures both in our own backyard and around the world, while promoting a multitude of outdoor pursuits and bringing the resulting story to the VIMFF stage for our community to enjoy.”

For more information on the grants and how to apply, visit: