MULTIPLICITY 2016 Videos Dropping Next Week

Exciting news from Mountain Life Media and Helly Hansen. Next week, we’ll be rolling out the complete 2016 MULTIPLICITY series. Watch for new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

If you missed the show at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival, now’s your chance to experience this amazing night of elevation, imagination and inspiration.


Filmed and edited by Seth Gillis

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MULTIPLICITY — Elevation. Imagination. Inspiration.
Presented by Mountain Life Media – A special flagship fundraiser for the Spearhead Huts Project.

Like a TEDTalk® on adrenalin, MULTIPLICITY is visual storytelling at its most adventurous. Delivered by eight unique world-class athletes, explorers and outdoor personalities — this one-night, packed-house multimedia extravaganza is designed to resonate as much as it entertains with a mix of film, photography and truly engaging narratives.

A flagship fundraiser for the Spearhead Huts Project, the event premiered in 2013 and was immediately pegged “the most underrated night” at Whistler’s World Ski & Snowboard Festival. The secret is out now and MULTIPLICITY has grown into one of the crowd favourites in the WSSF‘s eclectic arts line-up, and is also considered one of Whistler’s most inspiring events.

“Multiplicity’s recurring themes grow more cohesive every year, bringing the experiences of the speakers to life in an intimate setting,” says Vince Shuley, photojournalist/author at large. “At Multiplicity 2015 I even learned that there’s a few things Will Gadd can’t do.”

mul•ti•plic•i•ty noun \ˌməl-tə-ˈpli-sə-tē\
1a : the quality or state of being multiple or various.




MULTIPLCITY’s 2016 line-up features an open book of stories; from Dr. Pushpa Chandra‘s world-record breaking ultramarathon epics to high-flying adventurer Rory Bushfield‘s search for the ultimate slice of freedom. Mountaineer Jimmy Martinello will recount soulful journeys throughout some of the world’s most amazing places while Stand Up Paddleboard legend Norm Hann speaks about his adoption into the Raven clan of the Git’gat Nation. Jasmin Caton invites the audience into the world of high alpine climbing, while whitewater kayaker Benny Marr, freeskier Lynsey Dyer and photographer Bruce Kirkby peel back the layers of what makes life exciting.

Hosted by Mountain Life editor Feet Banks, MULTIPLICITY is a must-see celebration of grassroots mountain and adventure culture.

2016 MULTIPLICITY presenters:

Dr. Pushpa Chandra, Norm Hann, Jasmin Caton, Jimmy Martinello, Benny Marr, Rory Bushfield, Lynsey Dyer & Bruce Kirkby


MULTIPLICITY 2016_PressRelease


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