Last Col with Leah Evans

A couple of days up at the Jumbo Hut in Jumbo Pass with Leah Evans and Sebastian.

Having grown up on the slopes of Red Mountain surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, it’s small wonder Patagonia ambassador Leah Evans chose the path of professional skier and mountain guide.

Leah’s passion for the mountains is surpassed only by her drive to generate further recognition of the female freeski community, and provide a platform of support for young female athletes through her Girls do Ski camps.

We recently invited Leah for Last Col.

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Last time you were truly inspired: Yesterday. It’s a combo that comes up for me often: it happens when I’m inspired by a place in nature, a power place, and then a conversation I had in that place. In this case it was with a mountain guide who had a refreshing outlook on life.

Last great advice you received: To show up and try. You might not be the best, but you just have to keep showing up

Last time you laughed so hard you cried: At Marie France Roy’s cob house. We had an amazing girls surf trip week and just had a total riot.

Last book you read: Braided Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Last time you did something outside your comfort zone: Each time I practice my crevasse rescue skills; I’m still in the learning phase and it’s great to try and master my own system.

Last time you did a shot-ski: At my friend Rob and Leah’s wedding with 100 other people; it was unreal.




Last gift you received that really touched you: I love giving gifts (handmade ones are my thing), but hearing one of my friends speak about the gift to others, it meant a lot all around.

Last gift you gave: I really try and take care of the people close to me and am always giving gifts to them. I gave my brother some new ski stuff to get him out there this season.

Last concert you went to: A basecamp fire concert. I’m a ACMG hiking guide in the summer, so I hear a lot of campfire tunes.

Last cassette tape you remember buying: New Kids on the Block

Last exotic meal you ate: The most amazing Japanese food I’ve ever had in a small place in San Fran.

Last thing you built with your own hands: Lots of things in my house—just don’t look too closely.

Last time you were completely surprised: When I fell at Red Bull Cold Rush event. I really didn’t think the snow was going to give out from under my feet.

Last time you were utterly scared in the mountains: I have one of those moments every season, but the biggest is was a small avalanche in 2015.

Last time you had buyers’ remorse: Buying a vintage rug. Let’s just say I put it in the basement

Last big challenge you overcame: I think honestly last year was the biggest year of my life. I feel like I got stretched as a human being in all aspects and it made me grow and expand my capacity of what I can take on. I’m really thankful to have some more time to relax.


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