Native Kannah Sunglasses

When it comes to shades for Mountain Lifers, (or anyone who likes to play outside for that matter) two things come to mind. One, how do they look, fit and feel? And two, do they actually help you perform? We were given a pair of Native Kannah Sunglasses to put through the paces this summer. Here’s how they stacked up.


They passed the first test with flying colors. Sleek enough to make even my ugly mug look good — nothing too flash or attention-grabby. Probably the best thing was the fit and feel. I have a pretty small lid, so snug was what I was after, and snug was what I got; just tight enough to stay on my face while banging down 4000 feet of Chilcotin singletrack, but not too tight as to leave irritating indents on the sides of my melon. Two key factors helped in this department; the low-profile rubber ‘grips‘ on the bridge and the arms held them close to my face and ensured a comfortable fit even after hours.


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Now for the second part. Do they actually help you pedal and paddle better? I guess it’s all relative but I did work these things pretty hard over the course of two long-weekend missions, and one thing I know for sure is that they didn’t hinder my performance. I’ve had shades in the past that’ve been rattled off my face or scratched so easily that you can’t see properly, but not the case with the Kannahs. From an optical standpoint, the Kannah’s polarization is one of the best features. I also took these shades on a 3-day river SUP trip just last week and seeing nice crisp-blue skies and glare-free water really made my eyes, and my state-of-mind, very happy.

What’s not good about them?

Perhaps the only drawback was that, because of the super-snug fit, some fog would form in the upper portion of the lenses. Other than that, they are a gem in the world of sunglasses. —Todd Lawson

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Descending from the top of the Grand Mesa on the western edge of Colorado, the Kannah Creek is a crucial watershed that runs through an otherwise arid region. We designed this frame with this special waterway in mind: sleek, beautiful design meets durable, versatile frame construction.

All Native Eyewear sunglasses are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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