The High Five with Matt Elliott

Growing up in the small town of New Liskeard, Ontario, Matt Elliott was keen to make the move west straight out of high school. He’s since spent seasons in Lake Louise and Fernie, and has traveled the world in search of new terrain. He’s called Whistler home since 2001.

Avid powder hunter, surfer, mountain biker, water skier, and hockey player, Matt also once rocked a “sweet cow costume” for Halloween. We recently sat down with Matt for our latest installment of The High Five.



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Five things I miss about New Liskeard
1. Mom’s cooking
2. Friends
3. Lakes
4. The KG on Friday night
5. Being a kid

Five things I learned from breaking my neck
1. You only have one neck; don’t break it.
2. Wrapping yourself in saran wrap makes you go really fast.
3. Alpine racers are crazy.
4. The body is amazing at rebuilding and recovering.
5. I’m lucky.



Five of the most “local” things to do in Whistler
1. Grocery shop at Nester’s (“Where the Locals Shop”).
2. Go to locals night at Garf’s on Thursday.
3. Ask for a locals discount at any store.
4. Ask someone how long they have lived here for.
5. Move to Pemberton.

Five things I’d tell my 12-year-old self
1. Don’t take the inside line at Fernie in 2014.
2. Don’t try to stomp Domanski’s in 2001.
3. Learn how to skateboard.
4. Stop combing your hair like that.
5. Don’t eat those donuts man, just don’t do it.




Five songs/albums on heavy rotation
1. Gojira “Magma”
2. Propagandhi “Today’s Empire Tomorrow’s Ashes”
3. 10 ft. Ganja Plant “Bass Chalice”
4. Zig Zags “Running out of Red”
5. Nick Grant “The Jungle”

Five people I’d like to après with
1. Chris Hannah
2. Ron MacLean
3. Carl Scheifer
4. Todd Bertuzzi
5. Lesley Tomlinson


Après with Ron MacLean.


Five pieces of gear I can’t live without
1. Sled—2015 Ski-Doo Summit 800 154”
2. Amp—Marshall JCM 1000
3. Bike—Devinci Troy
4. Skis—Rossignol Super7 HD’s
5. Helly Hansen Elevation Shell Jacket

Five favourite ski destinations
1. Chamonix, France
2. Anywhere in the Kootenays
3. The Rutherford, Pemberton Icecap
4. Courmayeur, Italy
5. Zermatt, Switzerland

Five of my best halloween costumes
1. Axl Rose
2. Cowboy Bob
3. Mr. Fabulous (Thanks, Skid)
4. Dan Treadway
5. I had a sweet cow costume once.


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