Runners Bring Grit and Determination at Valley to Peak Trail Race

Mountain trail runners were put to the ultimate test this Saturday in the second annual Salomon Valley to Peak running race at Whistler Blackcomb.

Valley to Peak feature

Twenty three kilometres of rugged terrain with 1,800 metres (5,906 feet) of elevation gain provided a grueling test of endurance for each participating athlete. While all competitors deserve congratulations for simply finishing the race, Ann Marie Madden and Nick Elcon were crowned the event’s victors with the overall fastest times in the male and female categories, respectively. Ann Marie kept her winning title from the inaugural event held in 2015.

“I would like to congratulate all of the contestants who raced in this year’s event,” says Sebastien Fremont, Events Manager at Whistler Blackcomb. “We added another three kilometres to the course this year and by no means was this an easy race. Although the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, I think the event was a great success and we are looking forward to running it again next year.”

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The top three overall times in both the men’s and women’s categories walked away with an individual medal, and the winners of each category will be registered automatically into next year’s race.

For more information on Whistler’s alpine trails and Valley to Peak race details check out:


Solo Women 29 & Under

Jeanelle Hazlett; 3:02:22.04
Elisha; 3:27:12.70
3 Kysa Johnson; 3:28:45.20
Solo Women 30 to 39

Ann Marie Madden; 2:41:08.23
Claire Daniels; 2:42:07.45
Kim Magnus; 2:46:22.07
Solo Women 40-49

Charlotte Paul; 3:02:36.25
Marla Zucht; 3:03:15.85
Tara Holland; 3:26:34.87
Solo Women 50 +

Marcia Marchenski; 3:41:15.78
Ellen Boelcke; 3:46:18.68
Carolyn Hawes; 3:46:18.86
Solo Men 29 & Under

Eric Carter; 2:16:21.84
Brendan Urlocker; 2:37:14.57
Daniel Rohn; 2:50:06.01
Solo Men 30 to 39

Nick Elcon; 2:12:17.94
Marian Treger; 2:40:20.74
Lee Baynton; 2:46:09.01
Solo Men 40-49

Roy Kok; 2:41:31.09
Mark Green; 2:58:44.83
Herman Alagao; 3:00:26.81
Solo Men 50 +

Terry Bremner; 3:10:43.80
Markus Temke; 3:21:50.07
Walter Wallgram; 3:31:05.23
Team: Open Mixed

High Running; 3:21:39.19