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Mountain Life Annual is a once-a-year, one-of-a-kind, visual and journalistic ode to the intersection of planet Earth and its people. Designed to appeal to the outdoor lover, regardless of age or activity level, MLA employs ideas, art, thoughtful words, and exceptional photography to go beyond the bravado of adventure, highlighting the social, cultural, political and environmental contexts behind many of our endeavours. By engaging the outdoor state of mind over its physical dimension, Mountain Life Annual values inspiration over aspiration, allowing readers’ personal connections to find additional footing and resonance in an expanded understanding of the environments they love. Following this mandate, we’re proud to announce the release of our fourth edition—Mountain Life Annual 2016-2017.

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“In Their Eyes”

Celebrated photographer Cristina Mittermeier circles the planet holding up a mirror to globally-important cultural and environmental issues through portraiture of indigenous cultures.

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“Full Circle”

Sarah McNair-Landry may be a scion of Canadian Arctic-exploration royalty, but she’s also one badass adventurer on her own. Contributing Editor Colin Field profiles this low-key hero through her recent dogsled circumnavigation of Baffin Island.


“The High Road”

Award-winning writer Aaron Teasdale cycles the mind-boggling landscapes of Ha Giang, tracking the rapid-fire changes occurring in northern Vietnam’s newly opened Hmong kingdom.



Famed ski-and-bike shooter Mattias Fredriksson pens a 20-year postcard from Norway’s wild west coast, where mountains are big, ski areas are small, and tradition is everything.


“The Parks Paradox”

Commercialization versus conservation in national parks is a hot topic across North America. Contributing Editor Ned Morgan examines the long history and current state of the debate.


“Keeping the Peace”

Contributing Editor Feet Banks joins geologist Dustin Perry to report on the battle over the Site C dam on British Columbia’s Peace River, where the government’s greenwashed agenda is trampling First Nations’ rights, flooding valuable farmland, and destroying the environment.


“When Stone Speaks”

Lisa Richardson digs into the character-filled history of big-wall climbing. Inside the making of Patagonia’s new coffee-table book, Yosemite in the Fifties.


Mapping Kanata’s First Nations’ fight for the land that was; whither culture in an age of globalization; what the world’s most important fossils teach us about humility; photographer Jussi Grznar’s visual journey; turning students into polar ambassadors; the mental benefits of outdoor recreation; how losing everything can be enlightening; reviews of Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard and George Lowe’s Conquest of Everest—plus Desert Dawg speaks, David Sanford’s Liquid Mountains, Zaria Forman’s climate pastels, and the aerial art of Andrei Duman.


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Mountain Life Annual took silver in the Canadian Print Awards for its 2015/16 issue.  This is an annual award recognizing and celebrating the best in Canadian printing, industry trail blazing and environmental leadership.



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