Win a $1000 Travel Voucher with Island Lake’s Iconic Photo Contest

Want to win a $1,000 travel voucher to Island Lake Lodge? Well, if you’re in the area, the lodge has posted signs at 12 iconic photo spots over the entire Island Lake trail system to help guests find, experience and share them. The spots will be identified using a white sign that lists the hashtag and unique number of the spot. This summer, experience some of the best hiking in the Rockies and take a photo of the view from the spot and tag it with the hashtag shown on the sign for your chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher for the lodge.


Mt Badly Summit
Mike McPhee photo.

The winner of the contest will be picked in early October, so you have all summer to get the 12 shots. The prize will be awarded to one of the individuals that share all 12-photo spots on Instagram, using the proper tag for each photo spot. So whether you’re in the area to enter or not, you can still check Instagram to see these incredible vistas.

The Iconic Photo Spots map will help you plan your hikes and get to all the spots.

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Photo Spot Descriptions:

The Boat Launch
The Boat Launch. Mike McPhee photo.


1. The Boat Launch – This is the most photographed place at Island Lake. #islandlakelodge1

2. I Dew Point – This iconic ceremony spot makes for fantastic wedding photos. #islandlakelodge2

3. The Lake Bench – This romantic bench on the lake trail offers a unique view of the island and lodge. #islandlakelodge3

4. Moose Grass Lookout – The grassy bank on the west side of the lake is a perfect moose viewing area and offers another view of the lake and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge4

5. Fir Trail / Cedar and Fir Grove – The Fir trail is an easy extension to the Lake trail and has some magnificent groves of old growth forest including giant Douglas Fir and Cedar trees. This spot will also have an interpretive sign describing the Old Growth Forest. #islandlakelodge5


Lazy Lizard View Point
The Lazy Lizard Viewpoint. Mike McPhee photo.

6. Old Growth Trail – More trees! This photo spot will feature a giant Old Growth cedar. #islandlakelodge6

7. Spineback Bench Bonsai Tree – The top of the Spineback trail offers a spectacular view, including the famous “Scot Schmidt” Bonsai tree.   #islandlakelodge7

8. Spineback Upper Bench – The upper Spineback bench is located amongst alpine wildflowers of all colours. #islandlakelodge8

9. Mt Baldy Summit – The top of Mt Baldy offers a 360 degree view of the valley, Lizard Range and Mt Fernie. #islandlakelodge9


Tamarack View Point
Tamarack Viewpoint. Mike McPhee photo.


10. Tamarack Viewpoint – The Tamarack Viewpoint gives hikers a unique panoramic view of the lodge, lake and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge10

11. Lazy Lizard Lookout – The new Lazy Lizard bike trail includes machine built berms, bridges and Old Growth forest. The photo spot offers a view of the Bears and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge11

12. Big White Summit – This mountain top is the highest accessible peak in the area and offers a stunning panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains #islandlakelodge12


Big White Summit
Big White Summit. Mike McPhee photo.

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