Tall Trails: The New Lazy Lizard Trail at Island Lake Lodge

After four years of planning and construction, the Lazy Lizard was completed up to Island Lake Lodge late last summer and is now open for business.

The trail is designed for various ability levels, with smooth even grades, berms and wide bridges making it one of the best trails for mountain biking in Fernie.


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Trail highlights include steel frame wood decked bridges, elevated boardwalks, a spectacular section through Old Growth forest, cool view points of the Lizard Range with the uphill terminating at the lodges of Island Lake. Trail users can enjoy a cold drink, lunch or dinner before relishing in the flowy descent.

Trail Length: 7 km Elevation Gain: 339 m Start: North side of the Island Lake property gate



The project was a joint effort and well supported by: The Fernie Trails Alliance, The Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club, Columbia Basin Trust, ZINC Ventures, Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI fund), private donations, numerous volunteers and Island Lake Lodge. Backcountry Trail Experts constructed the majority of the trail supplemented by Fernie trail volunteers and the Island Lake Trail and Glading teams.


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Mike McPhee photo.



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Mike McPhee photo.


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Mike McPhee photo.


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Mike McPhee photo.


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Mike McPhee photo.

For more information, be sure to check out http://islandlakecatskiing.com/summer/

For more photos from Mike McPhee, follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mcphoto99/

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