Mountain Life Coast Mountains Summer 2016 Preview

MLCM_Summer16_SPSV1.inddWith the Summer 2016 issue of Mountain Life: Coast Mountains just days away from hitting the streets here are a few highlights of what’s in store.  This issue is about finding solace and inspiration in a collection of stories and photographs that evoke the spirit of summer, of adventure, and of kicking back for a good read.




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Epic Trip: Locked In
Squamish kayaker and adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith talks about the challenges (and victories) involved with filming an epic first descent of the 4000ft deep Beriman River gorge in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea.  ‘If something happens in that place,” Bryan says, “there is no infrastructure. No one can help. The people are beautiful and the landscape is beautiful but there is nothing you can lean on.”




Backyard: The Lillooet Effect
As the Sea to Sky bike scene continues to thrive more  and more riders are heading to the outer fringes in search of new dirt and adventure. Straddling the edge of two distinct climates, Lillooet has plenty of both but many of the trails, existing and planned, lay within St’át’imc First Nations Territory. If mountain biking is going to take off in the land “where the wet meets the dry” it will require new levels of cooperation and synergy, with culture and tradition playing a deciding role.




Must Enjoy Long Walks in the Woods
An epic surf session awaits on one of Vancouver Island’s more remote breaks. It’s nighttime but you have headlights, and hey, the beach is only a 1.8 kilometre hike away—what could possibly go wrong?



Get naked
Rebellion never looked so refreshing. John Kelsey photo.

Semuk1Get Naked
Isn’t it ironic that much of the allure of skinny dipping comes from the same outdated value systems that deem it so morally corrupt? And does any of that matter at a perfectly secluded spot?


Plus: Legendary Trail Builders speak, Brandon Semenuk is viral, Fighting for Lelu Island, an off-road, one-wheeled land carving marvel and more…


Look for the issue at specialty retail, grocery stores, coffee shops and other fine establishments across the Lower Mainland and in the Sea-to-Sky corridor.

Or you can read it online here or download a digital edition.