Building a Wooden Surfboard Isn’t as Far Flung an Idea as You Might Think

Pemberton, BC’s wooden surfboard builders Lambrecht Surfboards has announced its Spring and Summer workshop schedule. If you’ve ever been interested in building your own board, here’s your chance to learn from the pros.



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From Lambrecht:

During our workshops, participants choose a style/size of board and build it over the course of three or seven days.

These workshops give the builders a great sense of confidence and satisfaction. Builders that were very self-conscious about their woodworking and construction skills have left the course ready to set up a shop at their homes and start building all kinds of different things. It fells really good to go out and catch waves on a board that you built. This is something that is experienced by a small percentage of surfers.

The workshops include all the materials and tools. The builder is guided step by step through the whole process. A familiarity with basic hand tools is all that is required. As a board builder you will be able to customize the top and bottom wood patterns on your board, as well as custom designs or artwork before glassing. Finbox sytems or glass ons are options on all boards. As well as the standard designs listed below we also offer custom designs and shapes.

Pemberton, BC May 13-19, 2016

Kelowna, BC June 24-30, 2016

Tofino, BC September 9-15, 2016

Vancouver, BC October 21-27, 2016

Learn more about Lambrecht Surfboards workshops.