The North: A Collage Of Imagery From Above the 60th Parallel

Mountain Life contributor, Jason van Bruggen recently produced this short video bursting with impactful imagery of a remote and pristine northern Canada for the The Explorers Club annual film festival. You may recognize much of the footage from the latest Mountain Life Annual feature Requiem for a Future North.

“‘The North’ is a personal ode to the impossibly vast landscapes and the warmth of the cultures I am lucky encounter on my annual journeys to remote locations north of 60,” says van Bruggen. “I used footage from a few assignments and imagined a single story of exploration which embodies my reverence for these places of unspeakable beauty. As a fellow International of the Explorers Club, I created the film to open their annual film festival and get more of the Club’s esteemed membership excited about the Arctic.”


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