Sleep More, Huff-and-Puff Less with Therm-a-Rest


The last thing you need after a long day of paddling or trekking is to spend 10 minutes struggling to inflate your air mattress in the dark before you pass out. Fortunately the innovative folk at Therm-a-Rest have come up with the NeoAir XLite MAX SV mattress, new this year. Using simple physics, the SpeedValve allows you to inflate twice as fast as traditional valves, with a fraction of the effort. This new technology allows you to pull in surrounding air while you inflate, amplifying your breath. Cool. Fewer minutes huffing and puffing means more minutes sleeping.


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Triangular Core Matrix construction and reflective ThermaCapture barrier technologies offer stability, warmth and comfort. And when it’s time to hit the trail or river, the auto-reversing valve deflates the mattress almost instantly. Ultralight and low-bulk materials make the mattress super compact—as packable as a water bottle. We like.

Stuff sack and repair kit included. Learn more about SpeedValve tech at

Therm-a-Rest products available online or in store at MEC