Seeking Nirvana Episode 1: Home

Last week we brought you the trailer. Today, the full episode. It’s chock full of some of the sweetest terrain, badass skiing and slick cinematography. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.



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From Seeking Nirvana: This is the mountain village of Whistler, 675m above sea level. Forested with old growth fir and cedar. An important black bear habitat. Criss-crossed by deep valleys making way to endless glaciers. There are few paved roads but instead many miles of intersecting logging roads and dirt trails. It is an El Nino year. We are on the far edge of the Howe Sound, famous for fierce storms, which will make landfall from the west, come December.

4 men make haste into the storm in search of vast powder bowls, to which the mountain village has garnered a reputation. A difficult task, travelling the unchartered terrain, requires the groups combined wits. Only persistence and a spot of luck will reward success. The adventure begins in the mountain village they call home but foreign lands beckon. A journey awaits and a feeling desired. We follow this group, through trials and triumph, Seeking Nirvana.

Joe Schuster
Mike Henitiuk
Riley Leboe
Matt Margetts