Low Pressure Podcast: Mountain Life Edition

We recently sat down with Low Pressure Podcast to talk shop about running a magazine. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at our mag, have a listen.

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Left to right: Publisher and Co-Founder Jon Burak, Editor Feet Banks, Photo Editor and Publisher Todd Lawson

From Low Pressure Podcast: Have you ever wondered how a magazine operates? Why did they choose that photo? Where did the idea for that story come from? How do they tread the line between advertising and content without looking like a total shill?

Today’s guests are Mountain Life MagazineCoast Mountains publishers Todd Lawson and John Burak and returning to the LPP is ML editor Feet Banks. We talk with them about dry humping the line between good content and advertising while trying to avoid chequebook journalism among other things. We discuss the process in choosing which stories they run and why… or why not. Perhaps another publication has a similar story they’re about to run or maybe the story just sucks. Are you an amateur photographer and are thinking about submitting some of your best stuff but you don’t know how? This episode will give you a little insight to that as well. We cover a lot in this one while having a great time. We hope you do to.

Read our profile on Low Pressure Podcast here from the last Mountain Life Coast Mountains.

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