Good Reads: Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow

More than a few adventurers wonder how rapidly accelerating, large-scale climate change will affect annual snow cover and the venerable sport of skiing. In DEEP, itinerant Powder magazine editor Porter Fox has adroitly addressed the question, and the answer is not good: both could be wiped out in the next 75 years.

DEEP CoverOn a tour of the most celebrated mountain ranges in the Northern Hemisphere, Fox talks to skiers about their connection to snow, and to scientists about the effects climate change is having on it—ultimately uncovering a far larger story.

Mixing interviews with reportage on groundbreaking scientific studies, Fox explains how and when the melt will play out, and examines current groundswell efforts among mountain dwellers and winter-sport aficionados to mitigate climate change, reduce human impact on our planet, and repair the water cycle in order to save snow and ice.

Porter Fox right flap
Porter Fox. Photo by Sara Fox.


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