Commit: Personal Velocity – New Video From Arc’teryx


I actually knew – the second before the crash that set me out of play for almost a year – that it would happen. Spring skiing in Norway, a season ender with friends after a long and intense winter. I could have stopped, I didn’t need to clear the cliff band; didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, at least not myself. But even so I went for it, knowing I lacked enough speed and the result was as expected. I didn’t clear the cliff band, crashed on the landing, and had a tumble on wet spring snow. A risk I was willing to take, just because it felt easier to go with it instead of thinking too much and stopping for a second look. This recklessness cost me a torn ACL and a year not being able to ski like I wanted. —Pia Nic Gunderson, Arc’teryx athlete.

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