5 Tips For Surviving (and Enjoying) a Multi-Day Mountain Endurance Run

As one of the top female endurance athletes in Canada, Jen Segger knows a thing or two about pushing her body to the limit. The elite athlete and coach shares 5 tips to surviving (and enjoying) a multi-day mountain run.




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1. Carry appropriate equipment for the mountains. Even if it’s sunny, you never go into the mountains without a lightweight jacket, Icebreaker merino wool long sleeve, and a toque. These stay in my running pack all the time. I also always have a space blanket, a tensor bandage, an emergency energy food bar and carry an In-Reach device.

2. Have a route in mind but be flexible. The weather changes. Don’t be afraid to alter plans and/or turn back. Have an exit strategy and study your maps.

3. Choose your running buddies correctly. Know your partner’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. Make sure it’s someone who you can get along with and have a great time.

4. Train, just as you would for a race, so that you enjoy the experience that much more. The more fit and mountain-ready you are, the more terrain types and distance you will be able to handle. A running adventure can be your main goal for a season. I coach lots of people now who are training purely to prepare for a personal epic. It’s a super cool new trend that is emerging in the world of distance running.

5. Don’t forget your camera!


Read about Jen Segger’s RunBC project—a six day, 130 km mountain run—here.


Hannah Dewey Photo Courtesy of Icebreaker


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