From 1 to 100: Mountain Biking the Chilcotin Range

After seeing hundreds of photos and reading many stories about riding in the Chilcotins, we knew that one day we had to go and experience what many had called “some of the best singletrack on the planet.” Thankfully we had former Canadian downhill mountain bike champ and guide Chad Onyschuk in our corner to show us the goods (and keep us from getting lost) . The plane drop here is the only way to go, saving you hours of uphill slogging. The allure of real wild and free BC wilderness has brought thousands of mountain bikers from all over the world here, and it did not disappoint.

We tried to go as lightweight and efficient as possible, but still our bodies paid the price of three solid days of riding and hike-a-biking while humping a 35-pound pack. But almost endless descents of flowy goodness wiped the pain away pretty damn quickly.

We ended up covering more than 150 kms of terrain through some of the most beautiful, rideable landscapes on the planet. We gave homage to the early trailblazers and gold-seekers and pack animals that carved the paths many years ago.

The trails went on for miles, and we’ll definitely be back to ride more. —Todd Lawson

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