Atomic Vantage 100 CTI and Vantage 90 CTI W

Atomic took a look at its award winning, all-mountain collection of Vantage skis and said “we can do better”. Thus an entirely new line of Vantage skis were born. With eight models to choose from, five unisex and three for the ladies, there is truly something for everyone. But let’s chat about our favorite, the Vantage 100 CTI and the narrower women’s 90 CTI. Each are laced with Atomic’s new Carbon Tank Mesh. This is a completely new technology to the world of ski construction. Carbon Tank Mesh is a layer of woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while reducing the added weight that would usually accompany rigidity. Forget about chatter and extra weight with this new sweet feature.

On top of that, both the Vantage 100 CTI and 90 CTI W come equipped with Atomic Firewall construction. The extra-full sidewall blocks vibration and allows for 100% power transfer for premium edge grip in all conditions. A titanium backbone runs the length of the ski for stability and strength and a power woodcore keeps you light on your feet for overall value and performance. Get more bang for your buck with Atomic’s Vantage line.

Vantage 100 CTI –  NEW Winter 2015/16
Features: Carbon Tank Mesh, Titanium Backbone 2.0, Firewall, Power Woodcore
SIZES: 172, 180, 188 cm
RADIUS: 19 m | 188 cm
WEIGHT: 1.95 kg per Ski | 188 cm
AMT ROCKER: 20/70/10
MSRP: $799 CAD

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Atomic VANTAGE_100_CTI_R

Vantage 90 CTI W – NEW Winter 2015/16
Features: Carbon Tank Mesh Titanium Backbone 2.0
SIZES: 153, 161, 169 cm
RADIUS: 16 m | 169 cm
WEIGHT: 1.60 kg per Ski | 169 cm
AMT ROCKER: 15/75/10
MSRP: $699 CAD

Atmoic Vantage 90 CTI Womens