Choosing the Right Case for Your Drone

As drone photography becomes more accessible to the masses, the need for specialized carrying cases has been on the rise. Thankfully Lowepro has created a line of cases specifically for UAV enthusiasts. Here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing the right case for you.



From Lowepro:

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Aerial photography and videography has “taken off” with the abundance of new and affordable drones and quadcopters like the DJI Phantom® Series, 3DRobotics Solo, Parrot Bebop and a host of new advanced multi-rotor platforms. Like many emerging technologies, drones are presenting many new challenges for those interested in aerial imaging or simply experiencing the joy of FPV (first person view) flight.

While there are many discussions and forums regarding correct drone use, their safety and legal issues, in this article we will focus specifically on the problems of carrying, protecting, transporting and storing your new drone and its many accessories.



While a drone may survive a fairly dramatic crash, there are numerous delicate precision parts such as gimbal mounts, rotors, antennae and cameras which need protection during transport.

The size and form factors of quadcopters is unlike anything that has come before. Simply adapting an everyday backpack or one made for cameras will not provide the protection and organization that a drone enthusiast, professional photographer or videographer requires.

Quadcopter pilots are finding that getting their drone to their shoot location is becoming a pain-point. Like other aspects of photography, drones also require many accessories such as controllers, spare batteries, rotors, tools, manuals, monitors and more. This creates additional problems for the aerial imager when organizing and carrying this equipment into the field. When considering a solution to carry and protect your drone, look for a pack or case that was designed for your drones form factor.




Getting epic shots from a quadcopter is all about location and setting. When looking for a carrying solution ask yourself about your primary flight location/s and how you will need get your drone kit safely to your takeoff area and back.

  • Short Walks/Drive & Fly:
    If you only walk a short distance or drive right to your flight zone, a grab-and-go solution like the DroneGuard Kit might be the perfect solution.
  • Hike & Carry + Safe Storage:
    If you need to carry your drone a long distance or over difficult terrain to reach your flight area, you will want a pack that is light and nimble. The DroneGuard CS 400 fits this need and allows you to carry your entire quadcopter kit as a backpack, shoulder bag or hand-carried case.
  • Extreme Protection for Any Environment:
    If you need to ship your drone or travel for long through conditions where impact protection is more a priority than weight, you might want the extra protection of a hard case like the Hardside 400 Drone.





Much like camera and video cases, there are other solutions that use pre-molded spaces or rely on pluck & pull foam. However, these solutions are usually limited to one configuration. Adding and organizing accessories such as a new transmitter, more batteries or your own set of tools may not be possible.

Look for a system that will change and adapt whenever your needs require it. The DroneGuard Divider system used in DroneGuard Kit and DroneGuard Cases not only allows you to change as your kit grows, but can easily accommodate different shapes of quadcopters or different combinations of gear.

From hardcore custom-built “FPV 250” class racing drones to enthusiast quads with built in FPV systems, there is nothing quite like the thrill of putting yourself inside the cockpit of a drone using a real-time video feed. FPV requires your drone to have a camera and video transmission channel plus a display with a method of receiving the camera signal.

FPV displays range from simple solutions like an iPhone or Tablet mounted to your transmitter to more advanced solutions like FPV goggles with antenna and receiver such as those made by FatShark. If you plan on exploring FPV drone action, make sure your carrying solution is flexible enough to accommodate the new gear.




When you break something on your drone (note this is a matter of WHEN, not IF), you can either pack it up for the day or repair it in the field and continue flying. Make field repairs easy by bringing the key tools and spare parts you are likely to need. In addition to tools and spare parts, you will need a clean flat place to work on your drone. DroneGuard Series products make a great workspace where you can fix your drone while keep small parts, nuts and screws from being lost. In the field you can’t always find a flat clear surface to calibrate and launch your drone. The DroneGuard Cases also solve this problem by making a great launchpad.

Drones have a unique form factor and are by nature very light; yet most carrying cases available are heavy, repurposed camera cases that cannot be reconfigured for different gear or situations. The Lowepro design team loves to fly drones. So you know our quadcopter protection and carrying solutions are built from the ground up by actual drone enthusiasts. One look and those familiar with aerial imaging platforms will recognize the design features that make these kits so unique. From the easily customizable divider system to the flight tray and battery box, our system was made specifically for the unique needs and shapes of quadcopters.

DroneGuard Cases are a revolutionary new way to carry, protect and organize your quadcopter and flight kit. The super-light weight impact resistance of the FormShell exterior combined with the flexible carrying strap system makes this a superior all-in-one case for your quad.

For the most popular enthusiast quadcopters such as the DJI Phantom Series and the 3DR Solo, the DroneGuard CS 400 is a perfect fit. The DroneGuard CS 300 was built just with Parrot Bebop and smaller “250” class drones in mind. If you are into FPV 250 racing, usinga a full-sized transmitter, extra displays and lots of spare parts we would recommend you step up in size to the DroneGuard CS 400.




The Droneguard Kit is the ultimate grab-and-go system. The convenient carry handle makes the trip from car to take-off point quick and painless. The Drone Guard Kit is much more than just a bag for your drones. It is a tool box, a maintenance platform, a spare parts bin, a remote control case, a battery bay and a flight pad. Think of the Drone Guard Kit as the aircraft carrier for your drone.

But what if the epic shots you need require traveling to extreme locations? Combining the DroneGuard Kit with the Hardside 400 gives you the most extreme impact and waterproof protection for your drone. In the Hardside 400 Drone the photo insert has been replaced with the DroneGuard Kit making this case perfect for safely traveling with or shipping your quadcopter.