TGR’s Paradise Waits Collingwood Premiere

The Paradise Waits Collingwood Premiere is this Friday, October 2nd at the Gayety Theatre. Organized by the Collingwood Skateboard and Bicycle Coalition, tickets are $10 at the door, and are also available at the Collingwood Brewery, Espresso Post and Fathom.


Doors open at 7, with the Board Of Art Show debuting between 7-9pm. The Coalition gave 25 boards to 25 local artists early in the summer and each artist had their way with them. These boards will then be displayed at Collingwood’s Espresso Post from October through November. The ongoing auction starts this night at the Gayety.

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Local artists include Fran Bouwman, Steven White, Andrew Peycha, Derek Muscat, Brian Wall, Kyle Haight, Lazarus Iounou, Dennis Lin, Steve the Potter, Paul Mantrop, Rob Saley, Patrick Smulders, Fenn Loucks, Kevin MacLean, George Skaruz, Chantelle Thomson, Ian Meadows, Sean MacKay, Danny P, Ben Conley, Ruth Ann Pearce, Omri Amar, Peter Taylor, Sam Cohen and Jason Alexander.


There’s also a 50/50 draw with prizes that include a BMX bike, a Camel Bak and more. And to top it all off, ET Rhino will be playing during the art show, while the Collingwood Brewery serves pints.


All proceeds go directly to the Collingwood skatepark rebuild that is happening in spring of 2016. Come on out, have a great night and support a great cause!