Tantalized. Finally. G3 Backstories Episode 1

Born and raised in Whistler, BC, James McSkimming is no stranger to backcountry skiing. He has committed his life to chasing new lines on snow in the winter and dirt (mountain biking) in the summer. Everyone has their own way of making that dream happen. For James, he devotes his work days to ski patrolling on Blackcomb Mountain, honing his snow safety and rescue skills while helping spread the stoke to skiers in need. It keeps him in the game, on snow, primed and ready for days off spent exploring BC’s Coast Range.

After a lifetime of staring up at it, James and the G3 crew finally scored a trip to Tantalus amidst all-time conditions. After a terrible winter season with minimal snowfall and high temperatures, the stars finally aligned in early April, 2015. Most people had already given up on winter, but skiers like James who had committed their winter to chasing the goods were ready and rewarded.

Last winter Whistler saw everything from bullet-proof ice to slush to pow to refreeze, and James’ new Boundary 100 skis had his back day in and day out. When it finally dumped and went blue in the Tantalus, the big gun Empire 115‘s came out to play.

Watch and enjoy James’ trip into the Tantalus zone. Trips like this don’t happen over night. The pieces came together bit by bit, season after season, until it all lined up.

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