Lambrecht Surfboards: DIY Radness


They say it’s always better to make something than to buy it outright. Pie tastes better from the oven than from the shelf. A homemade card will score way more points than anything from the drugstore. And a family heirloom like a bassinet or a rocking chair is bound to last longer than any “DIY” kit you pick up from the superstore.

Besides that, there’s the feeling of self satisfaction: whenever you use said item, you’ll think “I made this”, thus reaffirming your own sense of manliness. Or womanliness.

In our Mountain Life world though: how does one make a surfboard?

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That’s easy. Lambrecht Surfboards has been knocking out decks from their workshop in Pemberton, and they’re high quality fibreglass monsters.  Mountain Life friend and Whistler’s grooming and parks guru Brian Finestone had a chance to get in and make his own SUP (they do chill boards, too!). Here’s his take.

Words by Aaron Peart

ML: What prompted you to try out making your own equipment?

Brian: My wife and I celebrated our 15th anniversary and wanted to do something together. We wanted a SUP and the workshop seemed like a great way to spend some quality time together while creating something we would have for many years. We are creative people but not in the realm of woodworking, Andy assured us we would have the necessary skills to build a board we would be proud of.


ML: It’s always soul warming to watch a physical project come together. What was the best moment for you in crafting your board?

BF:The best moments were seeing the top and bottom sheet personalities emerge when we glassed the skins and saw all of the detail pop out. We did an experimental gel stain down the centre stringer and it was incredible to see it work out, giving the board some great character


ML: Have you had the chance to try it out on the open water yet?

BF: We have had the board out on the lakes around Whistler and I have been fly fishing from it many times this summer. We are looking forward to getting it into some waves in the near future too. Now we just need to make a second one!