G3 Backstories Episode 2: Leaving Tracks Behind

In G3 Backstories Ep.2, pro skier and world traveller Chad Sayers reflects on a lifetime of global mountain exploration, leaving only tracks behind.



“As the winter snowfalls come and go, I sit and reflect on some of the highlights over the years… All the amazing places I’ve been able to ski and explore. The commitment and compassion it takes to live a life in the mountains… The hardships and the sacrifices that keep inspiring me to carry on into the unknown and unknowable. Road tripping is always part of the journey… No matter what the conditions are, just being out in the mountains with friends is epic! Sometimes you just have to look passed the boundaries of your own expectations and live it!! Whether we’re skiing in the Alps, or in far off corners of the planet… Leaving tracks behind us is something we all get to enjoy.” —Chad Sayers

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From G3

Every backcountry track has a story. As does every rider, and every piece of G3 gear we’ve designed, tested, and shared over the past 20 years in the backcountry.Our engineers, designers and athletes have committed a lifetime of effort, perseverance, and creativity into chasing that moment of hard earned bliss. Every experience, place and person we’ve interacted with along the way has helped inform and inspire our product evolution. Never complacent and always curious, G3 is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; so that you can too.

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