Friday Flick: Mountain Biking Slackline

When it comes to winning titles, Kenny Belaey is one of the best in the world. The Belgian has no fewer than four trials UCI World Championships to his name.

Winning isn’t always enough though, sometimes you need to push the limits of what is physically possible. Kenny was ready for his next challenge; riding his trials bike along an 18m-long slackline, 112m above a gorge at an altitude of 2,700m.

“The moment my wheel touched the actual slackline for the very first time, after months of training and preparation and while being so self-confident, the only thing I could think of was, ‘This is impossible!’,” says Belaey.

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“But with proper belief in my abilities, and sheer focus and determination, I managed to succeed. This was without a doubt the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced.” The hardest challenge so far, but probably not the last.