Wingsuit Insanity from Uli Emanuele

Really, we should just post the video. But this is an online magazine, so somehow we’re going to have to describe the feeling of having your jaw hit the floor and your stomach in your throat.

There is a fine line between “risky” and “crazy”. Uli Emanuele may have blurred this line somewhat with his latest jump. The setting is Northern Italy, South Tyrol to be precise. Emanuele may have set a world record for the most technical wingsuit jump. There’s not much more we can say without giving away the film, so here it is:


What makes humanity seek out these stunts? Why do we feel that strange rush, even while simply watching that video? Wingsuits have enabled man to fly – sort of. Now, we’re exploring the limits of our earthly selves in the air. This went off well, and there isn’t a lot of room for error in 2.5m, especially while hurtling through it at speed. The real question, as is so many times in the world of extreme sports: what’s next? Where do we go from here?

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NOT just OK, Uli.