Sherpas, Kona, Monster: “Ashes To Agassiz”

It’s here.

The film company has become known as the ones that are changing everything.  Sherpas wasn’t happy to settle on snow, so they’ve gone into the summer realm as well.  In association with Monster Energy and Kona bikes, today they’ve dropped the trailer for Ashes to Agassiz is the story of Graham Agassiz and his comeback from injury.

It’s no secret that mountain bikers hurt themselves a lot. One misstep, one iota of hesitation can have severe repercussions. For Agassiz, it’s no different. A descent he’d done dozens of times before, and nothing particularly dangerous, when suddenly disaster strikes. It leaves Graham with a broken neck – right at the peak of his sporting career. A2A looks at his rising from the flames to make his way back to the top of his game.  Filled with Sherpas’ trademark stunning shots of the natural world, this film already has us excited.

Here’s the trailer. Be warned: you may flinch.

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Ashes to Agassiz arrives August 25th on iTunes.