Respect the ‘Stache: Behind the Beer with Lake of Bays’ Dunk Unkerskov

Lake of Bays brewery, Baysville, Ontario. Courtesy Lake of Bays Flickr.
Lake of Bays brewery, Baysville, Ontario. Courtesy Lake of Bays Flickr.


Lake of Bays Brewing Company‘s philosophy is simple – beer drinkers deserve the best. Their premium craft beer comes in tried-and-true year-round brands, as well as exciting seasonals – brewed in small batches using all-natural ingredients in Baysville, Ontario. This is beer that sets the standard for quality and flavour, while staying true to Northern roots. We recently ran our “Behind the Beer” interview questions past Brewmaster/ Operations Manager Dan “Dunk” Unkerskov.

Dunk's #respectthestache beer mat.
Dunk’s #respectthestache beer mat.

-What is it about making good beer that led you to dedicate your life to it?

The answer to your question as to why I have dedicated  my life to brewing is two fold. First off, my family  is Danish. What does that have to do with anything? Denmark has a long brewing  history. The lager yeast strain was first isolated by Danish biologist Emile Hansen. I come from a long line of brewers. My family goes back three generations  as brewmasters for Albani Brewery in Odense.

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Lake of Bays Brewmaster Dan "Dunk" Unk (l) and
Lake of Bays Brewmaster Dan “Dunk” Unkerskov (l) and founder Darren Smith. Courtesy Lake of Bays Flickr.


Secondly, there is nothing more satisfying  at the end of a long day’s work than to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of your own labour.

-Why is the craft beer market doing so well these days?

I believe that the brewing industry is going through a renaissance. Much the same as the boutique cheese, bakery and specialty meats businesses. People are tired of mass-production mega outlets. A more knowledgeable public is looking for choices.

-You’re stuck on a desert island, what’s in your six pack?

If I was stuck on a desert island I would be crying. A six pack would not take me far. However that being said I would want two pilsners to quench my thirst, a pale ale for a little of that ale yeast sweetness, an IPA  to give me a little bite, a darker more malty ale to smooth me out and finally a nice rich porter or stout as a good night beer.

-Which of your beers are you proudest of? Why?



In our current line up the beer I am most proud of is our newest release Pigskin Pilsner. Of course I should mention our three medal-winning beers, but it is the pilsner for me. Reason being is that the pilsner stands naked in front of you. There is nothing to hide behind. No crazy amount of hops, no over-the-top grain bill, and no kitchen sink thrown in. Just a clean, refreshing, uncomplicated, quaffable beer.

As the Danes say, “Skol!”

Check Lake of Bays’ full lineup of year-round and seasonal brews here.