Matterhorn Obsession

I fell in love with my home mountain. I couldn’t live without it.” – Hervé Barmasse.

Check out Hervé Barmasse‘s short film, “Matterhorn Obsession”, commemorating the Matterhorn’s anniversary. For the 37-year-old Italian alpinist, it is the only mountain worth climbing more than once.


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Yesterday marked the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn – the iconic mountain in the Alps straddling the border between Italy and Switzerland – which is among the most recognizable peaks on earth (and probably the most photographed). In the hundreds of narratives of ambition, success, and failures on the Matterhorn, Barmasse plays a central role. Not only does he hold the record for making the most first ascents on the Matterhorn; his intimate and philosophical relationship with the mountain is unique and inspiring.

Check The North Face interview with Barmasse here.


Photo courtesy The North Face.
Photo courtesy The North Face.

“The mountain becomes a tool to better understand oneself.” – Hervé Barmasse.