Friday Flick: Shredding Dunes

Who knew there was an International Sandboarding and Sandski Association? There is: (Not to be confused with, producers of the finest quality cat litter.) Inter Sands is headquartered in Peru and their site is in Spanish with no English-language option except my browser’s auto-translation, which leads to some mighty sketchy results – “Our team is convinced that generate a sport for people and especially for future generations, it is a means of extending their amicales, social and knowledge for the future you want to take the person means.” OK, you get the idea. Or not. But this Friday Flick says it all:



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Dunes: Huacachina, Cerro Blanco, Toro Mata (Peru); Cerro Dragon (Chile); Joaquina (Brasil). We’re not sure if shredable dunes exist in Canada or the US. Perhaps finding some could be a project for someone with time on their hands. At least sand isn’t subject to the tyranny of changing weather.

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